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Integrate Zoho PhoneBridge with your VoIP Phone

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Zoho PhoneBridge integration made simple

Integrate 40+ Zoho products with 1CXpro and your Cloud Phone System for personalized and effective customer communications, so your sales and support teams can get more done.

  • Call management. Manage outbound and inbound calls from within Zoho products
  • Call recording. Automatically record calls and link them to Zoho
  • Click-to-Call. Execute calls with one click
  • Real-time notes. Enable reps to take and attach call notes to contacts in real-time
  • Updates. Receive updates on calls received during breaks.
  • Reminders. Set reminders for outbound calls
5/5 on Zoho Marketplace

Some Zoho PhoneBridge integrations features at a glance

Pick up VoIP calls from any Zoho One App.

Pick up and ace conversations right from your Zoho One App screen knowing everything you need to know about the caller. No more switching to the CRM tab in search of the right information before answering a call.

Whether you’re drafting a document, pulling a report, or replying to a customer’s query, the PhoneBridge integration automatically displays contextual information about the caller so that you know exactly how to move the conversation forward.

Curated data across all departments.

Get a 360* perspective of your caller with information pulled from across products the moment a call arrives. Whether it’s a customer looking for support, a prospect who filled out a form, a candidate who applied for a job, or an influencer you met at an event, with Zoho One telephony you know who they are before answering the phone.

Dial up your email contacts right from your inbox.

Have you ever wanted to call someone the moment you read their email? Spare yourself the mundane task of punching in phone numbers every time. Your email contacts are only a click away.

While on the call, you can also mark them as a lead or contact in your CRM, or as a candidate in Zoho Recuit right from within Zoho Mail.

Never miss a call opportunity.

It’s common to receive a call while away from your desk or during another call. Now you can stop worrying about missing calls ever again. Telephony in Zoho One comes equipped with voicemail.

When a customer or candidate leaves a voicemail, it automatically gets logged as a new ticket. So agents/recruiters can respond at a later time.

1CXpro Zoho Phonebridge integration saves you time and money. Interact with customers and their details without having to spend time hunting for it on another tool.

Call center managers, don’t miss out!